Writer or recruiter? During interviews think about your real role!

One of most irritating thing for me is the fact that recruiters instead of interviewing candidates are trying to rewrite The Holy Bible.  Oh yes, I just hate the fact that they go up and take notes of every single word that candidates “spit” from mouth.Briefly, there are two main reasons why they should not do so; the first it is essentially a professional matter and second one is related to social common sense.

Diapositiva1Let’s start with the first; I do not think it’s difficult for a recruiter or interviewer, in terms of mental effort, to register 45 minutes or 1 hour interview with a person; there is no need to write at the moment, you can do certainly at the end of the interview. Then, if you have problems in doing so, it means that you do not have a sufficient attention span to do this job or you are not paying attention to whom you have in front of you. Therefore, it must be fact that even if you’re engaged in writing “La Commedia” as Dante or a long shopping list, you will discover that you wrote so badly that you will not able to read your masterpiece. Additionally, you’re missing all the non-verbal elements of the conversation. Clearly, you can say to your boss that you interviewed a candidate, but your boss will never know how.
The second issue is related to lack of respect for the candidate who you’re interviewing. You should look and observe the person in front of you; do not look at candidates, does not give them sense of continuity of speech and of course he/she will think that surely you’ve  not listen to her/him. If the case of candidate’s not successful interview , you writing-recruiter, have to wait an e-mail request of explanation. I know that in reading these sentences someone will say “it means that you’re not multiskill“; well, I actually think that you are not doing well your job.

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