Why 1 mistake has a stronger effects than 100 successes

Often a simple question arises, not only related to work related activities, about the fact that a mistake is considered, criticized and remembered in a stronger way than a achieved goal. Better to say, a mistake is penalized more than how much a success is rewarded; it is also true if you also collected several successes in a row. The issue is that in psychological terms, mistakes create a what so called framing effect where negative elements impact and modify relationships also in long run.
Diapositiva1For the fact that during usual working day there is mainly a constant situation of stress and sense of urgency, in case of a mistake reactions are seen as explosions by colleagues and managers. A person’s mistake becomes chance to show negative emotions as a relief from personal stress. In case of successes, due the fact that work days are so busy, you won’t be rewarded as deserved. In conclusion, If you made a mistake, you have to be ready to take that negativity’s wave, that increases your stress reducing your mental energies.
In order to maintain balance and ease situations, it is necessary that managers are good to go to give positive reinforcements, if the case, and in case of mistakes “absorb” that negativity and push whole team to continue working.
Understanding this point is key for career and talent management; thus, you will be also in position to self access your situation and plan future career’s steps.

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