12 Colleagues that you’d not like to have… never (Episode I)

Living in organizations means many times having to deal with one or more colleagues who are also “roommates”. It is so easy to say that it is not easy at all and without a good balance, a fight is around the corner. Sometimes there are funny episodes , but with stressful situations, it is bit more complicated. Let’s say that you cannot choose colleagues as you cannot do that with parents.  Here below 6 common characters, that unluckily you have probably met.

Diapositiva1The anxious : when boss comes into your room, the anxious cannot stop talking and starts thinking about what boss could ask.  He/she gets so nervous that would like to be into another room, because is at fainting risk. The anxious “shakes” so much that goes to shake even yourself,  without even “asking permission” to do so . From there the anxious starts thinking about possible catastrophic situation that goes beyond doomsday scenarios

The designer : he/she thinks to be contemporary art phenomenon and tries everyday to show skills. Usually comes up with so absurd ideas that often are not work related. It’s not the case that designer applies thoughts to do something that might help , but only tends to distract you. For example designer creates decorations with colorful paperclips trying to make frames . At that point the only thing you can do is just say “OK, fine”

The pianist : the one who touches keyboard as a piano without noticing any kind of noise. Let’s say that Mozart was a little more delicate. I do not know if he/shedoes it for exercise, or just does not get notice of the fact that is uncoordinated. The result is a never-ending “barrage” , except from when you decide to put the headphones. It is uncontrollable and then if you think to say something, the pianist gets nervous.

The football fan : this is exaggerated version of the anxious . The anxious lives in a negative way boss’ presence; the football fan instead cannot wait to have boss in the room just to show something. Only things that usually boss says? “okay okay” even if it is the simplest of activities. The most typical example is : ” I made ​​the call ” … well , it’s your job. It must be said that in extreme cases, football fan tries to jump from his/chair directly in boss’ arms.

–  The Jiminy Cricket : whatever is related to work or not, then he/she just jumps on a topics in order to give an opinion.  It would be also able to hear conversation from other rooms. Legend about the Jiminy Cricket says that he/she could listen to conversations from other buildings and have an opinion also speaking in other languages that actually doesn’t speak. Not surprisingly, the “talking cricket” sometimes becomes writer and goes to write masterpieces in email’s thread.

The announcer: usually makes a sort of continuos list of what he/she is doing without a specific sense or chronological order. We do not know if the announcer does it just for show that is present in a room or for a sense of need recognition. Actually you can recognize her/him when you hear something like ” I send that mail,  I had a phone call, then another email. oooh that’s was funny”. It does tend to need a defensive and to get noticed in any way …

What should we do .. apart from resist and have a good pair of headphones .. read the second episode (out soon)

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