When over-communication is really effective communication

One of the most debated topics in the history of managerial and organizational literature is definitely what allows communication to be effective. One aspect that is often discussed is over communication, as core element for being effective with your information exchanges. Specifically it is process of increasing continuous flow of interactions aiming to lead to a clear and effective communication; in my opinion, only true in certain cases .
Giving rules of good communication within organizations surely weakens what is actually set of organizational studies that specifies how organizations are made ​​up of people and built around specificities . To this peculiarity it is important to take in account specialties of business environment , industry and those which are different ways of behaving and undisclosed routines. Shortly, as has been reported more than once in this blog, when it comes to organizational models, you have to take everything with attention.
Diapositiva1Coming back to over communication , definitely it can be useful when the team are located at a distance, and then over communication is good mediator to solve that issue. Secondly, it could be useful in cases where a person has to earn trust of interlocutor , so trying to alimentatate constant relationship. Let’s say that these are cases when over communication can work, but as mentioned before it is not always so successful. Think for example when you have your boss or colleague who are closer (I mean also as office) and then you write them many emails; do you think that it will bring you positive results in terms of communication exchange? Surely this does not help more than face to face communication that clearly is more effective;  bombardment of emails does not help, rather than being more irritating . Also if you go to push people with same method of communication over and over without going to periodically change template or action or alternating part of it , over communication will not have any result. In essence, rather than over communication believe that effective communication is definitely due to creativity and always adapting to interlocutor. Using strategy of “more” for everyone, does not always lead to the same result or good result.

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