Why managers want shape their team work attitudes

It is often discussed how managers want to handle their teams aiming to shape that as they prefer. So when managers establish what are priorities and goals, they try to literally modify team members’ characteristics. Specifically, managers would try to shape their resources on personal work style. Here question naturally arises : why do managers try to achieve goal of shaping their direct reports work’s attitudes? Reasons are of two types: a defensive and offensive one .

Diapositiva1The first refers to the fact that with people with similar work attitudes or at least that behave similarly,  there is lower stress in team and so it allows a simpler (or at least more predictable ) resources management. Clearly it is easier to “shape” people who are young in the role or in the organization, while everything becomes more complicated for people that have high seniority. Also have a lot of like-minded people with the same kind of work pace, certainly reduces stress due to any possible discussion about it. In the long run , however, conformism leads to difficulties for the fact that same way of thinking paralyzes creativity.
The second aspect , as I said before, it is offensive one through a conditioning mechanism. Let me explain better; if you have a person who behave as your (manager) style, you constantly reinforce that good behavior. Think for example when a person crosses with red traffic light and nothing happens. It is clearly wrong behavior but if the result is positive, consequent time saving certainly brings an advantage; then, you will behave alike . This conditioning mechanism is very strong and then go to modify significantly whole team management system, especially if manager constantly gives rewards to one that considers good behavior. Similarly, if someone leaves  office always everyday at 10 pm, it will impact on other behaviors or at least create conflicts due to manager positive reinforcements of that behavior.
If you are a manager, you know exactly that this kind of efforts are constant.

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