Lacks in workforce planning? Another reason why your organization is not growing anymore

One of stronger lack when a company is strongly growing, where you fly on enthusiasm’s wings, it certainly is planning. When the urge to do and recklessness drive your business, chances of making irreparable mistakes is absolutely around the corner. Much literature has focused on the economic and technical measures and actions to be considered aiming to keep growth, but few have concentrated its focus on HR management of your growing business. Let me explain better; when you make a wrong business decision, you shortly have proof of that at first showdown and immediately you strive to understand what happened; on the contrary quality of human resources can be evaluated much more in long run and impact on your business can be higher.
Diapositiva1So let’s see what happens about human resources side. When a company grows very quickly , it is normal to go to “open doors of the organization” with urgent need to recruit people who will have to implement your business plan . In other words, you go to favor quantity over quality ; in moments where your organization begins to be flat in terms of growth , each position is analyzed as you were in a lab . Before avoid any misunderstanding , I am not saying that all people who are recruited in business growing phase are weaker than others, far from me to say or think because that idea would be too stupid for anyone thinking of doing HR job very seriously ; it is equally clear, however, that situation of urgency makes you rush decisions , which are not always the right ones. Human resources’ analysis should go with economic phases ones on every business agenda, but it does not happen due to the fact that several times there is not vision of strategic human resources department. How to avoid improvisation in workforce planning ? Create pipeline of succession planning and always do sourcing. But it might not be enough. Unfortunately for urgency you may end up in a management patronage of people’s choice . I am not saying that only friends of colleagues are recruited , but to lose no time personal referrals are a force ; Linkedin will strongly reduce that, due to the fact that all business networks can break that chains. What is patronage main risk? It is not the fact that your network is not suitable , indeed could be the opposite ; real reason to take in account patronage bias is that organizations rely on need of diversity and conflict between people; so “go fishing” always in same channels or networks that does erase search for novelty. Another solution for fighting this aspect ? Organise a very structured referral program that goes to check more carefully what are referrals but also those who do it . As often as you do research,you would like to take use only reliable sources . You also need to know who suggests more than suggested one .
I’m pretty sure that most business managers have never thought or have tried to answer questions about whether failure of a business plan is perhaps due to a failure of human resources planning not only of risky business business . If choices were correct but performers were not? Never forget that organizations are people more than plans.

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