Commitment self evaluation in one question: am I proud of what I am doing?

One of the most difficult exercise for a professional, but more generally for individuals, is making self evaluation of personal characteristics, future, present and past programs and choices.
From professional point of view self evaluation remains a complicated process of investigation, even if you rely on external judges or methods such as speaking with a coach or having luck of being advised by a trusted mentor. It may seem rhetorical , but no one knows and can know ourselves better than us. Our opinion definitely is modified (and biased) by current emotions; however the one of another person isn’t it too? Surely regrets for bad choices due to following others’ advices are higher than cases when you decide for yourself making mistakes. Being based also on my personal experience,  there are several cases where a simple question and not a deep investigation or psychological process can solve your doubts.

Diapositiva1One of most debated topic and evaluated in work and organizational psychology is commitment, also known as degree to which people are emotionally and professionally attached to their working environment due to a strong conviction that they are in best career step possible. People with high level of commitment often put organizational interests ahead of individual ones; commitment is definitely an emotional process that can be self evaluated by us as (emotional) judges. The question to which I refer, or better to say the simplest type to apply to commitment is : am I proud of what I’m doing? Let’s say you also can read that as degree of pride felt towards your company and not only your job also for the fact that your job defines your company. As often mentioned , we spend most of our time at work , in most cases, that leads to identify ourselves with our work ; in this way this phenomenon creates self- identification and a positive answer to question above create satisfaction and happiness; satisfied and happy individuals have more will to  sharing also with friends that positive values; pride of something is connected with feelings that we cannot wait to express. Organizations must also be aware of that when they make employer branding campaigns where advertisings or events are not enough; your employees are first and strongest players as testimonials.

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