Linkedin threatens commitment of your employees , even the most faithful

As mentioned in other post, Linkedin is most important revolution in recruiting world. Specifically it has totally changed logic of job advertisement , allowing a faster and more reliable connections between job seekers and companies; anyway social recruiting is another thing, because there is still no real social aspect: real time interchange of information between candidates and companies, but that’s another story. Two aspects that are definitely overcome by advertising point of view are disappearance or reduction of the fake ads phenomenon ( clearly due to Linkedin charge) that I think has characterized some organizations to achieve a sort of reputation and word of mouth activity. Second aspect that is changed is what make application through Linkedin much more simple and immediate. The only thing to do is keeping your Linkedin profile updated, but today should be a must for each professionals.
Diapositiva1The main issue on which it moves Linkedin is going to attract those people who really are not seeking new experiences, but that can potentially go to solve organization’s needs. A person might do not seek other employment for lack of desire in a sort of apathy or in simplest of cases is fine for him/her current job and there is not external fertile ground developing. Everything changes simply logging into LinkedIn, where one of the basic function is suggesting new work opportunities; therefore also  person with the highest degree of commitment ( comfort or pleasure in the actual job) can be “distracted” . Employees’ commitment should present in the agenda of every HR professional , much more so in case of strong stimulus as Linkedin is; however I do not say that organizations must somehow censor , block or monitor employees’ activities on Linkedin; it so far from my idea of an open organization where people regulate themselves. In any case people would surely find other ways , as we have always done in applying for new roles. Surely what organizations need to do is to expand attention to all employees , because often there are myopic focuses on one department over another . For me, and unfortunately for some cases heard or observed , we must have an eye on the whole objective of attention and respect not just one department to another; why? every organization is a puzzle that with missing piece does not allow you to enjoy big picture.


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    An interesting perspective over the threats Social Media can have over Employee Engagement.

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