What to do if you are not able to stand anymore your boss (…and colleagues)

I usual stress out which are typical organizations’ hypocrisies and one it is obviously created on relationships between boss and contributors; for the fact that at least once during your career it has happened to not being able anymore to stand your boss but have to support him/her anyway ,  I decide to write a post on the topic. I thought more than once about what you can do to avoid lapsed situations and how it is possible to somehow ease pains. The fact that you do not bear your boss may depend on various aspects ranging from his/her personality to professional/competencies side; in both cases , however, I think I found that what allows you to go further and ensure that everything is just a side aspect of you work.
Keeping in mind that nowadays our work , as mentioned many times in this blog, characterizes and identifies ourselves, it is a need for HR professional thinking about what links our experiences with organizations; consequently relationships with boss and colleagues is fundamental link.

Diapositiva1Among various possible actions, you could decide to ignore your boss and then pretend that does not “exist”. The risk of course is that you’d burn political bridges with your boss and team and clearly with whole organization because rumors and fame turn and come before real merits or demerits. Diametrically at opposite you could decide to fight and discuss but it  may have the same effect as consequence of being forced to abandon department or organization .

In my opinion there is chance to solve everything and it’s trying to keep out of your work your boss; with this I do not mean that you have to hide and not to give evidence of what you do because that would not benefit either organization in terms of control, nor you for political moves within organization . What can you do then ? You have to become autonomous , this is the secret to overcome any kind of drawbacks from the point of view of organization fit; also professionally it is true path to growth. Following and reaching that autonomy implies overcoming inability of cannot stand your boss or environment.

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