Pessimistic teams are closer than optimistic ones. Discover the reason

I go against comparing what you might think, but teams who complain and live with discomfort are closer than optimistic ones. Often literature has emphasized how closer teams are alike as they have built and were built on series of successes. In my opinion it is absolutely the opposite, and I will briefly explain the reason.
Diapositiva1Sharing negative feelings compared to positive ones it is related to willingness to share that is very different from the desire to exhibit, typical of optimistic teams. Showing enthusiasm is individualistic manifestation while externalizing difficulties tend to create that environment of empathy and involvement through sincere sharing. In other words negative feelings engages group while victories could undermine it , especially if these feelings are referred to relationship with head of team . It all fits also with idea that human being is born selfish in nature while in organizations that survival instinct is characterized by “show off” . Think about of a sales team; since we are not in a world where teamwork isn’t seen as true sum of everyone’s contribution, success is related to specific person’s contribution.  At the contrary, if the sales team has failed, for a defensive mechanism they will certainly try to find a scapegoat but at the end it is going to related to exogenous factors such as economic conditions because it is less stressful for all team members. Looking for excuses outside the team clearly strengthens it. Think also of football team that always win ; when they get their first loss, they fall down in terms of self-esteem, collaboration and effectiveness. At contrary a team accustomed to lose with even a single victory will have much more satisfaction and will get empowered even more. Furthermore for the fact that individual is more likely to share negative sentiment, to question “how are you?” it is easier to receive answer like “well, could be better” or “ok (with sarcastic smile). Clearly all described depends also on culture and people personality but creating empathy through pessimism is simpler than be based on optimism; so better to have pessimistic team? Clearly it would be better the middle way , also because unbridled optimism is not manageable in long run. What can managers do for their teams? Having close and strong optimistic teams is possible; how? With power of setting realistic and specific goals, being honest and understand politics in team. Only with that in mind you will have a close and optimistic team.

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