Dress code rule? Another example of useless organizations’ ornament

It happened to everyone to decide most appropriate look for day of work . In some cases there is not even something to discuss because dress code is already established; think about traditional businesses such as banking or consulting where there is the suits’ must go. In the era of the so called- social world , I think that all this should be overcome ; please do not tell me that attention to customers needs a traditional dress code, because there are countless examples where it is not the case.
Diapositiva1Differences on dress code between traditional environments and not it is clear enough and in less traditional company where environment is more relaxed you have enough room for creativity; but also in those environments there are, unfortunately, inconsistencies. During so called official occasions , there is a tendency to decide dress code according to rules of traditional businesses with need for conformity. If an organization has identity built on being “casual” why does it happen? We come to the central point of discussion ; those who often read my blog knows that I hate hypocrisies , conformisms and “ornaments” typical of many organizations; for me it is fundamental to emphasize that organizations exist only thanks to mixing different components and personal tendencies through self-regulated mechanisms. One of the trends in HR is creating workplaces as the closest to familiar places. But why does dress code is not considered? I insist on this point because this freedom and creativity is similar to freedom of speech and expression, where person has chance to enable his/her contributions in most free way possible. Being comfortable is only psychological key that enables people to show real value at work, so dress code is also included.  Here, a question arises:  but if people dress like to go dancing on a Saturday night or completely out of control , do you have to censor them ? Also this freedom is going self regulated because organizations are ecosystems and directly or indirectly employees are judged as it happens for reduced commitment and corporate responsibilities.

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