Career downsizing? Only one case is accepted, the run-up strategy.

During last weeks I’ve been reading and hearing about a new phenomenon called “career downsizing“. It has been a recurring topic within my network and it emerged also during conversations with friends. In this case it is not the related to corporate restructuring that aims to reduce staff number but to an individual decision; which one? reducing work commitments. It is not related only to a specific job, but to whole career in order to put first personal life. It is typical consequence of living in bad work environment, excessive workload and stress accompained with a repetitive and anonymous job. There are mainly 2 types of downsizing: external and internal. First one is related to decide leaving a company and second is characterized by drastic reduction of work commitments in terms of dedication and engagement that means damage to career plans. Obviously I am not saying that’s wrong move, but several elements need to be addressed before taking that path. Firstly, I am surprised because my network is mainly composed by young professional who comes from a country where unemployment rate is around 13% (same levels of 1977); so, I feel to ask respect for who does not have a job. So quitting a job for living in a bad work environment, it is something that I cannot accept.


Diapositiva1Secondly, if you have studied for years and you decide to downgrade your  career after founding difficulties at first or second job , you have to be aware that you maybe are going to lose positions in career grid towards your peers. In order to recover, you need to work harder than past time; so downsizing only for having rest, it is a clear career suicide. So, as title says, only if you want to restart or give another pace to your career, downsizing can be a good idea but only if you are ready to work harder aiming to create a run-up strategy.

Here question arises, where does downsizing come from? actually it is something that does not “shock” me, but it is expected since years; universities teach you that you are going to “rock the world” straight after from your studies. This false- prophecies production create a huge displeasure when you face entry level jobs. Psychologically, downsizing is characterized by a defensive strategy, because quitting responsibilities keep you away from stress. Other aspects can be related to a not ready work attitude in terms of readiness to fight in complicated environments. Finally, all elements mentioned before (work environment, workload, stress, not interesting job) and also poor future career developments are cleary factors that determine career downsizing.

You maybe know that I am fan of fighting attitude at work, not against colleagues but against obstacles of your career, but run-up strategy is key for several careers’ blocks. And then, if done with courage and dedication, run-up strategy will boost your career and you will see effects in long run.

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