Basic rule to be great manager

It is always debated what a manager should have in terms of skills and years of experience in the role to be a great manager;  we often hear and read of specific capabilities and visionary leadership among other things.
Particularly regarding leadership, literature focused on the fact that leadership qualities are fundamental to manage a team and which are the stages of career and training that aim to achieve leadership skills.

Diapositiva1I am sure that many of those aspects that are discussed are fundamental, but in reality I am more and more convinced that there is only one basic rule that applies universally to any type of industry and managerial role : being able to control yourself . In other words, to ensure that a team is working and all your team members run to success with same intensity, you have to be master and learn about yourself before pretending to manage a team . Let’s say you have to be balanced and maintain emotions’ control; your mastery has not to be limited to operational level , because only this way you cannot drive other . Again, do not be focused on those that are only operational issues , a manager is not such only if it is able to understand and complete tasks; why? if you are very good technically but unable to manage business relationships you will be recognized by the team  but at the organizational level you’ll definitely not be recognized; then, it should be fine that just you cannot grow at a managerial level ;although unfortunately the organizations they forget about these aspects. I repeat that we are no longer in Taylorism time where way of managing was related only to operational  aspects; as manager you have to guide and therefore should be an example for your team. For example you have to maintain your stress without give them to your team. If you “shoot” your team with your pressure and stress, they are going to fail.

In conclusion to be a good manager is good one only when knows himself or herself.

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