HR professionals? A behind scene look

We often hear or read what are the requirements and what it means to work as an HR in an organization. There is no doubt that “HR job” encompasses a range of activities and roles, but I think , however, that there are several elements and directions that characterize this professional family. Obviously recruiting positions and professionals’  profiles are different to training ones in lot of different aspects , but there is a sort “file rouge” in both roles. What is it? Delivering and must give a service. HR mission is providing a service with the highest possible quality. Delivery, in an optimal manner with maximum speed possible. Think for example when you’re at a restaurant, you would be best served as soon as possible, same thing.

Diapositiva1In HR professional case, it is needed to specify that it is not enough being fast or reaching goals, but HR must try to achieve best quality possible; therefore does not matter the what, but the how. Providing organizational well-being of other employees it is the goal but it is essential to know how your work it is perceived;  differently if your goal is reaching sales or financial targets, it does not imply a qualitative aspect but only quantitative one where it does only matter if the result is achieved or not; returning to HR, quality is essential.

Another important aspect to be considered is interpretation of the role. If we think about commitment , usually an organization wants to achieve high levels in order to have motivated professionals. For HR , that aspect is exponentially higher where I could say that HR need to engage a real mission. It is so essential for type of work and related stress that HR professional are full engaged; in the case of possible detachment and when interests begin to diverge , it is definitely better to go riding other roads . You must have that level of dedication and honesty that I see in many colleagues and university mates that joined this path, but not for all; if you want to do correctly and responsibly this job, you need this great dedication. Interpreting HR job only at operational processes level , it does not truly enable you to achieve the objectives in terms of quality . Finally,  the thing that irritates me the most is that often people who do this work, that have not this kind of behind look and dedication, give other professionals the idea that HR is only a cost for companies and professional are there only to deliver payroll activities. Definitely, everyone can do this job, but a few can do that in best way.

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