Thank you mail? Trade-off between courtesy and longer threads

This post’s topic could seem a simple and a trivial one, but “thank you email” is something usually not considered specifically in terms of trade-off between courtesy and reducing email threads. (With “thank you mail” I mean received/sent item where in body of mail is written only thank you).
Diapositiva1In everyday working life happens very often to write a huge number of emails;  this is due to the fact that industrial world have been replaced by reality of services’ industry where there is not Taylorism for work organization. Processes are relying more on decision making and less on chained -operational tasks so first ones are no longer based on consequential steps, as it was for assembly line.  Of course, this has a strong impact on communication and conversations between people. One of the limitations of online communication, and just as obvious as it is, is the lack of personal contact that often can lead to misunderstandings that can ruin continuous and profitable relationships. For this reason we must seek to nurture relationships quality paying attention to details as replacing personal style, for example using faces to go to loosen tension (i.e. 🙂 ) .We try to go to the extreme kindness and therefore the most classic way to stay on this side is always write  “thank you“; at times, perhaps too much. So, here questions arises whether saying “thank you” is necessary or not. It happens that if you write it many times during a day, you surely increase your emails threads volume; it may also happen that when you receive a thank you mail, you ask to yourself  “was it necessary?” with a grumbling face. Certainly, with high number of messages (and often uncontrollable) a thank you can increase irritability; but is it possible to eliminate that completely?  Do not think so. I also happens communication threads become like  lovers talking at phone and they do not know who is going to go to close the conversation first. Honestly I cannot give a general guideline to manage thank you mail, but I can suggest you aspects to think about and making your trade off as thread’s length, counterpart, topic. Finally, in order to establish a cordial relationship remains crucial say thank you. And please, do not write thank you email only to bosses, because thank you mails are not only political matter.

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