10 Organizations characters who are part of your daily life (episode II)

This is second post who follows Episode I about 10 characters that are currently recognizable in many organizations. As presented many times, all presented posts represent only my thoughts and are not representative of organizations that I work/worked for. 

Let’s start with other 5 .

6) The jet lagged . We do not know why but this character is always never on the same page with other interlocutors; for example does not know which is topic of discussion and where meeting room is. The jet legged loves creating confusion and entropy that represent a sort lifestyle; so able to disturb status quo, in a destructive way.

7) The paparazzo . In other ways, also called the gossiper. Whatever and wherever a discussion takes place, the paparazzo is ready to “shoot” and intepreting in a “sentimental” way all moves in your organization. He/She stands there, catering himself/herself when is making-up stories , and when hears something is so able to spread the voice; obviously in both cases without considering the consequences of what said.

Diapositiva18) The Nerd . Perhaps the character on which there are built and seen more stories on a daily basis . The Nerd is totally focused on work and its activities, so alike wants always  convince others to steer the conversation on topics that are absolutely related to its activities. Nerd is really competent, but often too much that easily can bother others.

9) The doggy bag expert . Participation to meeting is just based on “re-using” and paraphrasing what others have already said. Usually, doggy bag expert, does not have an opinion; but where does the doggy bag expert take from the best of? Stealing data or information written in emails or researches run by others. In this way remains written what said, but no one can see what is doggy bag expert source of information.

10) Unfortunately, there is also the misogynist  . That character, a male one obviously, is one who thinks that only men can be place into top positions of the organization; because? women are the ones who do not have “work attitude” and “bravery” to be top managers . For example, the misogynist thinks that women can only hold certain positions such as HR or the sunny side of soft skills like Brand or PR departments.

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