10 organization characters who are part of your daily life (episode I)

It happens to meet in organizations, departments or workgroups particular characters that are common in different work’s environments. In this post, divided in 2 episodes, I suggest 10 that I think you have surely met.
In this first episode will be presented 5 of them, listed below. Please think that these characters are no gender specific, but habit specific. Additionally, as I said several times, all presented posts represent only my thoughts and are not representative of organizations that I work/worked for. 

1) The clown. The clown is the one who during all day, also on Monday mornings, offers you a series of stories (often invented) topped by a series of jokes that are often inappropriate. The clown does not know boundaries nor any kind of confidence level; he/she may would tell jokes also during the board of directors.

2) St. Peter. The guide, the censor, the owner of the innermost secrets of the organization; the one who knows all processes because they were born with the entity and she/he can decide whether to enter the heaven of knowledge or not. For each help’s request, makes you acknowledge the fact that you do not know something. Resistant to change more than cement.


Diapositiva13) Lighthouse guardian. The lighthouse guardian stays where the organization stays. He/she stands there, proactive as the autumn’s leaves on the ground and does not do anything that goes beyond the classic routine. Only reactions? When discovers that a ship is coming up against the rocks.

4) Slimer. Do you remember Slimer of Ghostbusters? In organizations Slimer is the one who during events always manages to hide and disappear. Often Slimer does it also for job commitments; it is not a fault, it is a matter of personality,  being too afraid of his/her own shadow.  We will never see him engaged in activities that are neither those events or parties. At least, Ghostbusters’ original Slimer was able to leave a trace of his presence.

5) The Mule. Known also as the famous “workarounder”, due to the fact that does not know organizational process and not interested in learning. He/She stays on his/her positions, obviously with arrogance, till when a problem arises; then you will assist a pray of help with a dramatic end.

Do you know any of them?

Here you can find Episode II


  1. lucasolari · March 2, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Corporate Sensemaker and commented:
    He used to be a student of mine. Now, he has become a great HR professional, and a very nice blogger.

    • Luca · March 3, 2014

      Thank you very much professor for sweet words; I have also to thank you for your time and for being such a great mentor and example for me.

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