How recognized brands are so recognized

I often wonder what allows recognized brands maintaining reputation and reaching high number of customers on global or regional scale.There are brands that have historically shaped a trend, born many years ago, but they have ability to constantly remain in customers’ minds without going to distort their activities or their nature. I’m not saying they did not implement changes, they did so while maintaining brand’s identity and core values; in other words they have core values surrounded by dynamic strategy.
Usually a clear result is reached thanks to a valid instrument; what is it in this case ? Surely there are organizations that have created a so innovative product, entering and exploiting non-existant market and they are still able in keeping affirmation of their novelty (such as Coca Cola); others instead opened borders and changed rules of a market and they are still working to maintain their leadership (i.e Facebook ).  It would seem that these two companies are very different , and indeed they are if you think about what are types of products and services they provide ; but, what have they got in common? They tell customers fascinating stories . Fascinating stories are the ones that are almost “tribal” in a way because “fame” is spread as traditions; those stories are so powerful that increase word of mouth and social networks’ streams  . In essence fascinating stories create characters, products and recognized entities.

Diapositiva1Think about many videos that are posted on YouTube and become viral; why are they famous ? Because they spread a fascinating story. It does not mean that the stories should have an intrinsic and deep meaning; it can be a humanitarian message, a prank, a song or a sleeping cat; secret? they attract attention. Same thing should do brand’s ambassadors but not being focused on a customers’ segment because Marketing works on that.  Beware though that fascinating stories can be different depending on the geographical area; no coincidence that the majority of organizations have different approach to the market depending on the area , but a fascinating story has not be build on diversification by age. An example? Walt Disney cartoons are love by people from 2 to 80 years old, translated in so many languages but story remain the same.

Then, what to do? Start thinking and telling people fascinating stories about your brand.

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