A “no” to your boss helps you growing and being recognized as professional

As mentioned in a previous post http://goo.gl/cZgwxo, relationship with boss especially in terms of openness,  enables to measure the maturity of an organization . Surely it is not a novelty, but say “no” to your boss is usually one of the hardest things to do in a workplace . This is because you have always been afraid of going to spoil your career paths and future opportunities; without taking this risk you usually stop fundamental process within organizations that I name dialectical confrontation.

Surely, in the relationship between these two actors, there are differences in terms of power and visibility due to the hierarchical organization; then knowing how to say “no ” should not be established on “form” of conversation but  on “matter” of relationship; dialectical confrontation is process that enables and reinforces decisions and its strength is going and breaking systems of power or wrong ways of thinking, beyond the departmental schemes. In other words , words are what can break customs and established system of reasoning, biases, power’s systems and established ways of doing things.Diapositiva1If you think about it , how often do you ever say no to your boss? Unfortunately I think I know the answer. This fear , as anticipated, merely stops organization that does not make responsible and ready to reason on itself. On individual side, freeing your mind develops a process of personal responsibility and awareness of your own abilities because it is moved through conversation that goes against  highest authority regarding your team. Have the courage to expose yourself proofs yours resources and autonomy in their daily work . Often in the case of dialectical confrontation with the boss, you see your greater knowledge of the operating elements and novelty / creativity in the contribution of work. Always be complacent and usually agree with your boss even if not the case with a total lack of dialectical confrontation , it increases power’s distance and visibility; as I said before, the dialectic allows you to go to close the gap and change rules of the organization .
In conclusion, discussing with the boss, always civilly and keeping the topic of discussion on work related subject subjects , it helps both organizational’s operational elements but especially enables affirmation of their independence and professionalism. Finally being able to say no you can also distress and eliminate negative energy and thoughts that will help feeling psychologically better.

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