How brand image is people related matter

It is widely recognized that a brand or an organization in general is identified by the services it offers to customers and activities that brings along. It is certainly true , but it is often forgotten that organizations identify themselves and move up the steps thanks to people who live and actually create an organization itself.
Often you will hear the question of how it is working in that organization rather than questions about products or services; firstly you do not often talk about the products because you do not have a precise and detailed knowledge unless you work in product management or R&D department. Above all, people being the cornerstone of the organization moving around emotional components that define modes of action and characterize a certain environment.
Diapositiva1I will give you a couple examples about how it is clear that people characterize companies.   Unless you know someone who works there , you would think that Facebook is a young and very informal environment  just thinking to its founder ; similarly it regards for Virgin, if you think about Branson’s image. “Product man” in the case of Zuckerberg  and strong and charismatic leader  for Branson. Then Facebook will appear to your eyes Facebook as creative, product driven and relaxed company and Virgin as well structured with a strong charismatic culture. Are you sure that your perceptions are right?

Organizations are systems but they are not only a sum of single contributions but an emotional mixture. If you have chance to know more people working in the same organization you have realized that the organization is not the sum of personal attributes , but lives around various differences of the same; finally not sum of parts but the specificity of each goes into creating company’s identity .
Here the question arises; organizations must be represented, given that you can often see only one part (usually face) of the organization. But has who to represent your brand? Exactly who represents the values, strategy and core identity. If you chose wrong, your company will be evaluated alike.

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