How is it possible to evaluate if your organization is culturally mature?

I’ve always wondered what is the best way to assess the maturity of an organization. I do not mean in terms of business performance, so for example seeing the change in EBITDA, but at the cultural level what makes organization mature or not. In other words, main theme is thinking about the degree of behaviors censorships and the achievement of know-how awareness.
The simplest indicator is the one that sees the answer, yes or no to a question: do you feel free to tell your boss that he/she is wrong? Well, if the answer is yes, the maturity level is surely high that allows the individual to have a strong awareness of strengths and for organization’s side to be less referential and more direct to the discussion core.

Diapositiva1But why boss, and not the workers? theme is related to the fact that the relationship with the boss implies a different level of power distribution, obviously higher for the boss. Clearly, having the freedom to debate with leaders exponentially increases the possibility of conflicts in short term, but there are long-term benefits like breaking routines and traditions that is like “Green Mile” organizations. With respect to personal side, having this discussion activates both the employment and emotional sides of what are called sensemaking processes.

Finally, this dialectic power struggle clearly needs to be addressed on working related issues and not on private ones; if the discussion ends on the personal sphere, the degree of maturity clearly falls. In these cases, people are going to fear for their careers.
Finally, organizations need to stop thinking that to “circulate fresh air” must necessarily going to go to hire new employees. You have to leave the correct space to those that you have. Do you really think that there is true conformism in terms of thinking? Only the facade especially because you are looking for professionals who fit with the organization.
The solution to grow in terms of maturity is listening, discussing and evaluating with sensemaking eyes discussions’ reaction and channeling that energy into constructive element.

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