Great Employer Branding Strategy? Only with Pizzeria’s approach

If you want to improve and implement great Employer Branding strategies , but also go to market ones, proximity to customer or any stakeholder it is correct approach. In short, proximity is often known as ” being close to customers”.
The heart of presenting a company externally as a product maker (or seller) or organization (do not to forget that the companies are people not a set of numbers , departments , acronyms and buildings ) must be acting in contact with the customer and convince of what you can offer. Again , that is core for a product as well as a job position : you have to feed customers with a tasty idea.

Diapositiva1Well, now comes the difficult. How does it work?  You can do a viral campaign (video , social networks ), but as I said in a recent post,  employer branding has to be based primarily on employees as testimonials (most reliable ones) of a company. Well, for example, if I do not have the money to make a viral advertising that appears during the Super Bowl? Here it starts the Pizzeria’s approach.  Probably in your city the word of mouth about a pizza restaurant  is louder than one regarding what it does and what is proposing right now a worldwide brand . Nowadays Employer Branding strategies have short term engagement; think about Volvo’s campaign with Van Damme: a couple of days of crazy sharing on social networks but after that?  (By the way, fantastic ad and brilliant idea) pizzeria’s word of mouth has surely a longer wave and a more engaging one . Well, what does the pizzeria actually does for maintain the wave ? Do not spend anything on advertising, a part from 500 euros in flyers.  It is only word of mouth. Also social networks increase word of mouth but not in proximity. Many times, too big audience.

If you offer a good service, your employee are satisfied, they will go to friends speaking about it. If you think about it , how many times have you recommended a pizza restaurant rather than a brand or company to a friend ? You know the answer. Here , what I see as the future of employer branding practices it is a break of common logic of serious talks like “it is time to speak about work ” and doing that only in official events; core is engaging the sphere of word of mouth in proximity as pizzerias do.

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