Recruiters’ curse on Linkedin

Within the HR landscape probably the greatest invention of recent times is Linkedin that embeds greatest example of social recruiting. In essence Linkedin did not only have revolutionized the idea of ​​CV’s delivering but increased chance of creating, maintaining, enriching business networks. In a very small scale, it is often used when someone wants to change job; in fact, when a person has intention to seek for new opportunities, she/he usually makes “suspicious” movements , as adding several companies in a limited period of time trying to increase personal visibility.

Diapositiva1Clearly, behind Linkedin companies’ profiles there are  HR people that often publish Employer Branding and Marketing initiatives, especially those that are related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Most of all, Linkedin is recruiters’ land.

If you are a recruiter, one of the main objectives is contacting those “talents” who are outside of your organization regarding current and future openings. But if you are a recruiter who looks for others,  who does seek you? Surely people who are interested in company that you are ambassador for but most of times no one else. Here, there is what I have called recruiters’ curse on Linkedin. Since recruiters run several searches, they have great visibility running those; but even if they are active and proactive on Linkedin they are going to receive only profile’s visits of people who are interested in positions that they are recruiting for. At the end, curse is having higher visibility ranking than most users but lower interest rate on you as professional.

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