What organizations have to consider about young professionals

Often I talk about what  young professionals should expect from organizations and how to take first steps in a not-known environment.
Overturning the perspective, what organizations have to consider about young professionals?

Among the various points which I will describe below there is one “fil rouge” that distinguishes them : unpredictability .
First of all,  young professionals are often “immature” due to not having established a career behind; so, organizations can run into a bad hire. Looking at career trajectory of a more experienced person, (simply evaluating the CV) is much easier and even if a candidate comes directly out from a top 5 university, does not automatically imply that he/she is right person.
Diapositiva1The second aspect , on the other hand, it is related to approach . Let’s say that young professionals are “dreamers”. When graduated many horizons are opens up in their eyes; it is great for motivation and will to do,  but it can often be misleading when young professionals do not have a clear idea of ​​what they’re going to do. To say it better , they often have a personal and strong vision of a specific job, often even supported and share by colleagues and family. Perhaps the most classic example is to think that being a Marketing professional means creating advertisements.
Finally, young people experience a strong tendency to confrontation in early years of their careers. Basically comparison is based on thinking about what they and what their university colleagues are doing . It seems a simple mechanism that actually has a very strong impact on the psychological contract and self evaluation process; this mechanisms is more stronger if it is done with very close people (i.e. parents). In fact, it should be explained and understood by young university graduates that real analysis should be made when acquired 5 years of significant experience. Why? At the beginning being in a company or in a position that it is evaluated worse than a colleague one can be due to only a matter of luck.

What I described above it is only a part of what organizations have to think about, but crucial.

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