Universities need to be work related behavioral advisors for students

Usually for many people graduation marks end of theoretical knowledge learning (mistake, because I’m huge fan of continue learning, but topic will be subject of future blog post). In my opinion academic education should be master of transformation from “static” to “enabling” knowledge; latter needed for survive in organizations. Often, learning experiences provide a distant view from the organizational reality as it is, and therefore it is not provided to students a guide to act correctly. In that cases, universities talent production can be similar to creating a car without wheels. Then, students who have strong personality and drive can find by themselves the right way; ones who have not that skills will not be able to enable their “static” knowledge. Organizations, for their part, they want people to be ready from first day.

Diapositiva1Specific lacks are observed especially from the point of view of word attitude and conversation mastery . First is related to respect for supervisors, the ability to immerse themselves humbly and accept doing basic tasks; regarding conversational level, it is common to hear students that refer to topics not using correctly technical terms. Universities should be able to work on that aspects, going to propose testimonials about behavioral guidelines by someone who have “lived” organizations. Do not go for the usual presentations, business cases or contests, but work on the educational function of behavior.

The result of that lacks can leave organizations and newcomer surprised in starting new working experience with a misalignment in psychological contract between parts. Solution? Universities need to invest in initiatives of promoting and presenting correct work related behaviors.

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