Employer Brand…without “ing”. The right foot doesn’t know what left is doing

We often hear claims about Employer Branding but it is difficult to find an unique definition of it; that is because Employer Branding is a mix of strategies aiming to promote your brand image or brand as great place to work. EB strategies range over from HR to Marketing practices going through Social Media channels.  Thus, each company (if it has a EB strategy), implements and embeds in its processes a different strategy.

Diapositiva1One aspect that many (not- strategic) organizations have in common with respect to EB is that they follow a Employer Brand initiative, without the “ing” part. Why? They often lack the active part of the strategy; for example specialists who participate in offsite initiatives where the public is external to the organization , such as career fairs , they are unable to create lasting link with public; in those cases there is only a a fleeting contact with the organization which registers  also a low initiative’s ROI because specialists do not engage with public at the end of event.  On the contrary other organizations focus their efforts proposing major initiatives for employees , hoping then to have a powerful “word of mouth” that spreads message of being a fantastic place to work ; but maybe people who worked 10 hours a day , then out of the office tend not to want to talk about that. Being back to career fairs, they can be gadgets supermarkets and many times organizations do not provide anything for employees. One simple example to reduce this displacement? Give a company bag to your employees with your brand really visible on it so they can carry your message externally (i.e on public transportations) .

In short , many times employer branding’s path is characterized by the right foot that’s walking without knowing what the left foot is doing.
The co-ordination and balance of the initiatives is the road, not easy, but the only successful.

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