Political capacity, what a young professional has to learn from the boss!

I know this post might bother some young professionals like me, but the objective is trying to lower excessive self -overestimation attitudes.
Often we hear words regarding direct bosses that sound like “he/she does not understand basics”, “I am definitely smarter” or “how can be possible that she/he does not know this process” or similar. Let’s say that obviously I do not want to exclude the fact that some young professionals may have better knowledge of a particular process, product or concept in general than the boss;  I do not mean that direct managers are always more skilled than direct reports, as I do mean instead that there is, or should be, a greater desire and will to do for young professionals than more mature ones. Surely young people should have Kobe Bryant or Lebron James “fierceness“.

Diapositiva1There is one thing that is very difficult that you do better than your boss or that you cannot improve: the ability of proceeding and moving smoothly in the company, what I define political capacity . Know how to behave, ask to right person, activate and empower relationships’ network are skills that it is not possible to study. This is not due to the fact that your boss is in the company longer than you, it might not be the case , but his/her experiences are the keys that open doors of political capacity . Her/his status of being your boss enables and improves the political capacity to a level that you still do not have and you cannot achieve.
So, what a young professional can do? “Put the head down” , hard work, observe and copy the way like your boss makes the moves and try to steal maximum number of secrets that it is possible.

It can be also the case where your boss is not even good in that, so you cannot learn that political capacity. Well, solution is quitting your job… less radical? Learning from the boss of your boss.

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