5 (funny?) misinterpretations about HR professionals

It’s always been interesting to know what other people think that HR professionals do, especially because often there is the idea that does not exist a more vague profession than it.

Below an imaginary interview where a so-called “Business” function professional is the interviewee.

Why do people decide to become HR professionals? ” HRs are those people who have not been good enough at math in school, so they could not do engineering; at the same time they can not do creative work , because they miss that too. Among other things, they could not even make sales because they do not know how to speak in public. That’s why”.  Let me think … Well in fact , you are right : salaries, analysis of contractual levels , the definitions of budget do not need mathematical or logic competence. Moreover HRs are the ones who have the real brand promotion activity, that does not requires communication skills at all. Am I right? Anyway, it could remain the fact that we are ugly and bad people.

What HRs do during their days? ” They tend to be in their offices closed for hours because they have to hire new staff or do something obscure. They usual hide stuff . If they leave the office because they have to fire someone , so better not to see them around” Never heard process of career paths for example ? Do you really think that your boss decides autonomously direct the future plans and performance management of your entire team and organization ? Self explanatory.

Diapositiva1How much are they important in business ? ” Well, considering what they really do and their backgrounds, every HR can be replaced with other people due to the fact that they have nothing special or specific knowledge”. Many times people forget about all stratified knowledge that is necessary for example when you have to prepare data for compensation. All diseases, permits, maternity, leaves’ management need regulations’ knowledge to be delivered correctly.  Or simply, on whom do you ask for checking your CV or LinkedIn profile? Let me guess.

If you have a doubt about organization processes, on whom do you ask for?  “I can ask my boss, but not always and I cannot even ask to my colleague to bother them and being considered as low performer. If I have a doubts then I go asking those to HR, since they have a lot of time and I do not; even though I know where looking for this info and maybe I have already asked for it…  it does not matter. I will go for HR”. So, at fourth question, HR is starting to become a worth department.

Why do you think is correct cut HR budget if need for the organization? “The first budget that should be cut is to HR, because if we have economical issues, we can outsource all these services. It is first  saving for company”. In this case I partly agree, because there are services that can be outsourced somehow. Please do not forget that HRs are people who have ownership of working on organizational values, culture, cohesion and employees drives (i.e. motivation and commitment); these elements are core even if organization has economical issues.

For the fact that HR professionals are not considered by other colleagues as highly skilled and important for business it is not only their faults; in many cases HR people are not really able in self promotion and show business acumen and presence; obviously many times as well there are really unprofessional and naive HR people.

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