Performance management? There is an hidden judge

One of the most discussed subject of HR world surely is performance management. Opinions, systems and practices are constantly evaluated and studied but often there is something missing in that: the consideration of self evaluation. It is a remarkable lack because it is underestimated the strength of this psychological process.

In many not developed organizations , personal assessments clearly have no place in what are the processes of performance management but self evaluation takes place everyday; people play a continuous process of evaluation that goes beyond those that are the boundaries of the organization and becomes part of their life with emotional involvement of families and friends.

Diapositiva1How is self evaluation process powerful? I would say that is the most extreme certainly not the most objective nor necessarily the most severe judgement; it guides and drives  (correctly or not) our behaviors, work attitude and commitment.  For example if an employee is having a weekly poor performance due to frustration he/she will think about quit the job; at the contrary, organization will probably not recognize it or consider the event as sporadic. Simply for the fact that it is a personal assessment on themselves , it is definitely the most extreme, biased and hurried evaluation.
For this reason, an important activity that organizations should run is trying to understand their own employees’s personality and then figure out what kind of reasoning they can do in cases as the one below, in order to anticipate employees actions and reaction.

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