Only Smart People: an Employer Branding mad claim!

Since I was an university student, I’ve heard many times that organizations hire only smart people. Ok, it does sound catchy, right? But what does it mean?

Diapositiva1First doubt that I’ve ever had was about if organizations hire people who are smart or act smart. It seems a little linguistic difference, but it is a huge difference. For example if you think about how organizations are culturally different even if they have same structure,  the different cognitive framework created by habits, approaches, routines builds every organization as unique. Consequently looking for “pure intelligence” (which go to define what it is) does not bring any kind of result; thus, organizations maybe recruit people that “act smart“.

Then, selling a product to college students according to the logic of “we hire only smart people“, many times it refers to the strategy of looking exclusively at graduation marks that will imply one of the greatest organizational failure; why? because you can easily hire a technically skilled person who unfortunately doesn’t match with your environment. It ‘s absolutely my opinion but organizations should refrain from selling the product of “you are smart” to be more focused on character and personality than a nonsense research of something biased . Additionally, hiring a college student telling him/her that he/she is smart, it creates a self representation of being the unique talent of the company and future CEO. Well, it does not need more words, it is self explanatory.

An old post of my blog was referred to contextualized talent , a more reliable focus

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