Your job, your status, your self-evaluation outcome

Your job defines your status in nowadays society. Probably due to economic constraints and lack of work choices, this process of work-personification creates more consequences than in past years.

Diapositiva1What do I mean to work-personification? All people judgements are be guided (and biased) by their consideration on your employment.  Your job, and consequently all related benefits (car, apartment) create the most realistic pic for their eyes.

When does it happen? It is a sort of primary effect; in fact when you meet someone, probably after classic “What’s your name?” follows “What do you do for living?”. Does this primary effect have consequences for you? For sure it does, because your quality of life’s consideration is referred mainly on your job due to the fact that you spend majority of your time at work. Consequently if you do not like your job, you are not going to like your life creating negative self-evaluation outcome. It is a sort of escalating process due to a cognitive (and negative) state of mind . Obviously, a bigger negative self-evaluation outcome is triggered for unemployed people.  Their reaction can be stopping job-seeking activities; it happens because they reached a deep negative phase in which are not able to find enough cognitive resources to react.

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