No harakiri with a “to-do-list” trick

Everyday you usually write a to do list aiming to be effective and remember all stuff that you are going (or supposed) to complete. If you have an university exam, you have maybe organized your study plan with a specific number of in chapter per day or if you want that your house is going to be cleaned also by your flatmates, probably you created a “cleaning shifts matrix”.   In this post I am not going to explain how create an effective to do list, but how to create a motivating one.

Diapositiva1Why? Many times a to do list it is only something that pushes you in stressing situation because, many times, you are not able to complete all tasks that you listed. So, in order to avoid harakiri, please follow this simple advice:  It is better to fill your to do list with 2-3 really simple tasks that you can achieve even 5 minutes before your workplace. One example? Update your agenda deleting appointments that you are not going to attend.

Result? You surely will live a feeling of accomplishment that it is going to restore a good mood and motivate yourselves for following day commitments. So what you are going to do from Monday? Create a to do list of maximum 10 items, not more, with 7 objectives “noble” and 3 tasks that you can do easily.

Try and let me know.

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