Being responsible and hungry to boost your career path!

Every day, more true f you are a young professional, you are used to hear phrases like : “Experience is the key” or “without many years of experience you cannot grow in a company” and other classical management views.

Diapositiva1Are we sure that experience is the main lever to improve competencies and boost your career path? I am not. I can bet that if a young professional has the chance and time to make deep research or case studies about a topic, the job can be done with same accuracy of a more experienced one.  Maybe a person with more experience spends less time doing research’s activities, but that’s the only difference at the starting point.

So, what does really counts? Being responsible and hungry. If you are responsible toward your job,  you are willing to invest time and resources even outside from your workplace,  in order to give yourself tools to achieve results, probably you are going to perform better than a more experienced person. The real differences on job: be responsible and hungry.

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