Work related envy as expectations’ frame

Diapositiva1Many times, probably every day, it happens that people listen to someone speaking about others success or friends’ satisfaction at work.

In that cases reflections with respect to better work conditions are stressful issues that can ruin a person’s mood. But it is not the only result; this envy cannot be only a temporary threat for employees’ work life balance evaluation, but it is a long term issue that impacts on expectations. In other words, work related envy allows employees to compare their jobs with others ones and cause a reframing effect of personal relationship towards organizations.

Consequences? People strive to analyze the situation (loosing time and cognitive resources) probably thinking about job’s change (as quit) and expecting an improvement in the short term. Clearly expectations caused by work related envy are threats for employees commitment and engagement towards organizations.

Solutions? Speaking with your employees is not an old fashioned HR practice. Practically, it is core to return to engagement  strategies through a dialectic analysis of employees cognitive evaluations of needs, threats and expectations.

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