Sharing responsibilities and pressures for newcomers

Diapositiva1A newcomer is defined as a person who has recently arrived or started participating in something; thus, it implies that an individual has to be a part of a project, feeling and living a new experience.

In many case a successful “on board process” is an effect of a strong support through the different phases of the steps in a new organization. Many times a newcomer, who is not confident and has not the mastery of the new environment, have to be followed by an insider (i.e. an expert manager as a mentor) or being part of a well structured process.  Why? Many studies showed that a shocking first experience in a new organization impacts on the future relationship (social, technical and psychological) between a person and the organization.

In comparison to a classical form of on board (called also organizational socialization), I think that could be really useful to socialize simultaneously  a group of newcomers, better if the group is composed by persons with a similar history (i.e. same age, same level of education). This approach could create a sharing/supporting environment in which this sort of team shares responsibilities and pressures through conversations. An assured result of this actions is decreasing uncertainty and being-alone feeling that, as I said before, are common consequences of joining an unknown context.

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