Newcomers! What HR managers have to look?

Diapositiva1Many times, during recruiting campaigns, organizations have the objective to attract people who have many technical skills and specific knowledge. It eliminates (consequently) many candidates from the shortlists who do not fit with this determinate requirements.

Is it correct? In my opinion, it is not. I define this kind of activity “on paper recruiting”; in fact organization sets as priority (and seek) skills that many times are showed and proved only on CVs. For example organizations look at attended academies/courses and acquired specialties or qualifications, and no more.

In my opinion it is more important to look at social skills and potential (the ones that are called soft skills) that are the requirements for a quick adaptation to the new organization. Similarly, it is core to have a look at relevant past work experiences that embed the cognitive framework that it is difficult to modify; consequently the adjustment to the new environment will not be set.

For these reasons it is more important to look at social skills than specific competencies/abilities.

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