Close offices, turn off phones… and go home!

Diapositiva1As I showed in a past post (Organizations’ intrusion), in my opinion, organizations need to be present in their employees’ extra-work life. Specifically companies have to assure a correct work life balance. In this post I present actions that can be simply  implemented.

Firstly, organization have to close their offices at a reasonable hour, for example at 5 pm. I think it’s reasonable, most all because usually a working day starts at 9 am. With “close their offices” I mean that it is not possible to go inside, completely closed.  Surely it is more complicated to set it for international businesses, but HR managers have to find out a similar schedule for employees applied in this kind of jobs (for example create a similar schedule with free-mornings).

Secondly, after a working day, people cannot call office numbers (phones and cell phones) and the same has to be set for emails’ communication. How to do it? Stopping devices’ access.

Obviously it is needed a working cultural change, but it is needed.  These measures are really strict, but are related to an improvement with respect to productivity during working hours, an personal/private chance for sensemaking,  a part from an obvious stress’ decrease. It is core to look at the quality of the job and not at the quantity.

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