Social recognition and reputation for social media implementation?

Diapositiva1This post is inspired by the recent reading of an article published on Wired – Italy. Andrei Andreyev, the founder of Badoo (one of the most famous social network) was interviewed. Brief personal opinion: Andreyev is a really interesting person. Enigmatic.

A specific comment about a sort of psychological mechanism (my definition), attracted my attention. In particular Andreyev underlined how people are disposable to pay a service (in this case Badoo entry), only to have more virtual presence and visibility.

I started thinking about  this issue and the possible application in the HR-social media world, and specifically how managers can exploit this “mechanism” with respect to implementation of new technology. Which can be an employees’ drive about the adoption of a new communication media? In my opinion HR managers have to work on social recognition and reputation. They have to create an organizational culture which positively evaluate employees who are ready to use new technology and they are ready for innovation.

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