Organization’s intrusion for Work Life Balance

Diapositiva1What does title mean? To improve employees’ work life balance it is necessary that organizations increase their presence in employees’ outside-job-lives. The title could be a provocation, but I believe that if firms are able to manage and give advices to employees about job related-lifestyle, it can help their work life balance.

For example if the organization set a car-pooling plan, employees can meet their/new colleagues in a situation that it is different from the working place. It is true that can happen that the car sharers can talk about work during their trip,  but can also happen that they leave the job earlier than usual because they are not “forced” to remain at the organization for having business talk. In addition going home without driving can avoid (for many days a week) stressful situations after work, like find a parking or remain alone in a traffic jam. Another useful advice is for example warn the employees that watching  TV it is not a way to distress from work; it is better doing sport.

In conclusion there are other several similar issues that can be addressed to invade “employees’ out-of-job lives” with the aim of improving their work life balance.

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