Conflict? No, thank you!


Conflicts are usually perceived as a threat for the organization and for the “harmony” of a team. Additionally, conflicts can “shift” from the professional level to the personal one, ruining also personal relationships. What just described it is the result of a lack of conflict management culture. Facing problems and having open discussions are chances to grow and improve as team member and professional. A conflict can also be a brainstorming trigger!

Then, which is the most common conflict trigger? Having different points of view. An example? Have a look at the picture below!

Is it a jar? Do you see 2 faces? This is a simple example of how it is easy having different perceptions and points of views.  As said, it is a really simple example of a possible conflict’s trigger; but imagine what could happen with a discussion regarding a business plan: if there is not a mature conflicts management culture, there will be only problems. The solution? HR managers have to sponsor and support an organizational culture in which different point of views are perceived as an opportunity and not as threat.

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