Looking for the first job? You will experience the “missed link!”

Diapositiva1At the end of your university career, a new one is ready to start. No, I do not mean working, I mean the job seeking career.  Obviously, we hope to have a very short assignment in that position.

Three days ago, I started a very long application process and I will do many more in the next few weeks

Now a question, is the university helping me with this new task? Not really. As written a month ago (A new recruitment link), probably it is needed to set a new way to connect the academic world and organizations. It is clearly a need because I definitely feel that there is a “missed link”.

The most famous job seeker-websites (i.e Monster) are full of advertisement of recruitment company (Adecco, Manpower, Randstad …). In my opinion, at least now, they are not helping the application process because they do not display organizations’ names. Several job ads without companies’ name. Why is this not helping?  If I do not see the name of my possible future employer, I will not apply.

In this way, every single graduate has to find his way, probably without applying for the best fit (organization – individual) but for the best perceived fit , because of the lack of information.

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  1. pozycjonowanie stron · January 18, 2012

    We rarely have someone from the store install stuff for us. But if we did, I might tip them depending on their service. I don’t think tips should just be expected; I think if someone earns it then it should be given.

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