Where is the match? Employer Branding and Applicant Branding

Diapositiva1Nowadays one of the most important topic in HR is  Employer Branding.

What’s Employer Branding? It’s a management strategy which aims to attract employees through the presentation of a company as “a great place to work“. In my opinion, it is a kind of  “evolution” of Corporate Social Responsibility which gets closer to Marketing.  More or less.

Achieving the result of being “attractive” could lead to the presentation of a company in a biased way. Why biased? Many companies show more often positive aspects than negative ones. This strategy leads to a positive ROI in the short term (i.e. high number of applications); but, in the long term I expect side effects as mismatch of expectations against the real work environment.

Then, on the labour market, there is another branding: applicants’ branding. Job seekers need to gain an advantage towards other applicants aiming to be noticed by companies; consequently, CV’s creativity (i.e. video -CVs …) could be the “stairway to Heaven”.

Now, few questions arise:  how does it work the link between these two worlds? Who will connect and support this link?  There are few options:

  • HR managers or Recruiters? Not often possible, most of all if you outsource your recruiting efforts.
  • Social media or web-based application systems? Technology is an option, but the management has to invest money and time in customization and social presence’s improvements.
  • Recruitment’s agency. Not at all . Why? Agencies have (usually) an approach which is based on quantity and not quality.

In order to improve your social presence and awareness, you need a combination of the above and a team responsible for the monitoring and improvement for your employer branding strategy .

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  1. bubbles · January 18, 2012

    I like reading your articles, Where is the match? Employer Branding and Applicant Branding Luca Cicatelli was added to my favorites in firefox.

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