Leaders: do you believe in magicians?

Diapositiva1Leadership? Many times we believe that a leader is a magician. Actually the group (i.e. a team) has a bigger impact on influencing “its own destiny”, driving itself towards success or failure. The leader is a part of the group, clearly, but as true for any other member of the team,  leaders’ achievements are group-driven. A leader can facilitate a group’s discussion, but should not imposing his/her views; if the case, you’ll see the failure of collaboration. The only successful way of interpreting leadership is characterized by a process of continuous leader’s role shift between group members. For example,  if a group is composed by A, B ,C ,D, one day group’s activities have to be guided (so, guided not leaded) by A, another one by B and so on. In this way, the group will drive itself to success. Why? The different perspectives and ways of guiding the group will facilitate the counterfactual analysis and retrospective. I totally believe in the power of different point of views to lead changes and improve processes through this kind of dynamic leadership.

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