HR and Social Media? Living the “one-way” communication trap


Which is the positioning of HR with respect to “Social media” ?  Evaluated as need? Probably. Employer branding? Probably. In my opinion the HR world reacts to innovation as the other business departments do; How? With  enthusiasm.

But, what about the adoption? It only happens with managers who are “brave” and have a proactive attitude towards change. In this case organizations implement social media in a massive form, as a result of what I call “enthusiasm’s wave“. For example, Facebook’s usage is a proof of the enthusiasm’s wave: the majority of organizations have a Facebook page. But do they need Facebook for their business? Not everytime. Additionally,  are we sure that organizations use social media (or social networks) in an innovative way? Actually, I notice many times a process of one way communication: the organization creates, edits and publishes contents, but there is no interaction.  So, what about the customers or the employees? No interaction at all!

The real advantage of social network usage is noticeable if there is the facilitation of knowledge sharing, transparency, bottom-up communication and multichannel and multi-directions communication  (“broadcasters” for internal and external communication)… generally, interaction!


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