Expectations? They are our guide at work!

Diapositiva1Studying HR means reading very often articles about the power of motivation and the importance of setting challenging goals.

Having motivated employees and allowing them to attain “the set goals” seem to be the two main priorities for the HR agenda. I partly agree on that. Why? I think that the motivation and the goals are important, but we must remember the power of expectations.

The expectations are created by a match (or mismatch) of what the individual expects about his/her work (tasks, work environment, compensation) and what the reality is.

An example? If I expect that my organization has a planned a long-term project for me,  I’ll be motivated to attain my goals to develop my career as fast as I can. Then, if the promised development plan will not take place, I’d decide to leave the organization.

Our expectations are the fundamental guide for our attitude and behavior at work!

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